Physical Therapy and Performance Lab
Office Hours
Mon - Friday: 7AM - 7PM

It is the priority of Run Raleigh PT to provide a sanitized environment for the health of our patients and ourselves. We will remain open as long as we feel we can provide this environment for everyone. Being that our office is one on one at ALL times, we feel that our threat is very minimal. If you are ill, please do not come in. We also ask that each person on arrival takes advantage of the hand sanitizer provided or wash your hands in the restroom. We look forward to continuing to work with you!

Countdown To Our New Downtown Raleigh Location!

We are moving!  The Run Raleigh crew is excited to announce that we will be moving from our West Street location to 1107 Capital Blvd.  This is Capital and Fairview Road only 1 mile from our current location.  BUT…there is MORE parking and…TWO bathrooms!  I know…we get excited over the little things.  Look forward to a larger location, HEPA filtration system for your safety and even 2 entrances so that you do not need to gather near other people.  We are excited to continue to serve Raleigh with the one on one personal care that you are used to with even more amenities. RUN ON!

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