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run raleigh physical therapy 3d gait analysis

run Raleigh pt 3d gait analysis

The worlds most advanced run analysis technology used to only be available at Universities and for the highest level athletes. But now it is here at Run Raleigh PT. Our analysis enables us to identify the subtle biomechanical problems that are likely to have caused your injury. These abnormalities are often impossible to detect by eye or with video based systems. By identifying the underlying mechanisms that caused your injury in the first place, we can optimize your rehabilitation and significantly improve your running efficiency. Take your running to a new level!

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  • A Full-body assessment of your running technique, using 8 Motion Capture Cameras, which can take 400 frames per/s.
    • A comparison of your running biomechanics to our extensive database of uninjured elite runners.​
    • Individualized recommendations for training exercises (movability, strength and co-ordination) that will help to improve your technique and/or performance.
    • Animated 3D videos your running skeleton from front and side view. Give you insight into how your running biomechanics actually works.
    • “Real life” videos showing your running from front and side view.
    • A scientific and extensive web based report of the results of your running technique assessment.

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