Physical Therapy

Your PT session is one full hour of one-on-one evaluation and treatment by a licensed physical therapist. We are experienced in not only treating and relieving your pain, but finding and addressing the source. Only with a full hour can the therapist adequately assess and treat the pain issue.

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A few things we can help with

Our Approach

We take a comprehensive approach to observe and correct movement patterns to improve efficiency

How We
Do It

Our PT’s will design a custom program for each patient to allow you to prevent further dysfunction.


All of our techniques are included in your session including 2D run analysis and dry needling.

All of the Best PT Services in One Place

One on one treatment by a licensed, board certified physical therapist

– At Run Raleigh, you will always be seen by the same physical therapist so that you can have the consistent, individualized treatment you need to meet your goals quickly

Biomechanical evaluation to determine dysfunctional movement patterns

​ – Our physical therapists evaluate your movement patterns to identify the ROOT of the problem rather then chasing the symptoms

Specialized corrective exercises and education

– ​We believe that corrective exercises need to be individualized to each person so that you work efficiently to improve form and function

Video gait analysis to improve run form

– 3D gait analysis now available

​​ – Whether you are looking to reach a personal record or run for the first time, video gait analysis can assist you in optimizing your form and allow you to enjoy running even in 2D form

​ – Different phases of running can be as fast as 0.2 seconds, making them difficult to analyze with the naked eye

– Slow motion video analysis allows our physical therapist to determine where your foot strikes the ground, whether you over stride and can even identify muscle imbalances that cause gait deviations

Dry needling

​ – Functional dry needling is a technique that uses tiny filament needles which are safely guided into dysfunctional muscle tissue, or trigger points, to aid in the restoration of proper movement patterns

Manual therapy

– ​​Our therapists have been extensively trained through coursework and experience to perform soft tissue work, joint mobilization, spinal manipulation and movement re-education which combine to break dysfunctional patterns​

Treatment of TMD

– Temporomandibular joint disorder; see below for more details

-​Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization​​​​​