John Mendenhall

John is originally from Charlotte, but lived most of his childhood and adult life in New Jersey. He went to college at the University of Maryland Baltimore County where he was a Division I swimmer and captain of the team his Junior and Senior year. After graduating with a Bachelors in Biology, he got into Spartan and Tough Mudder racing. John went to Rutgers University for his Doctorate in Physical Therapy and graduated in 2016. As he was finishing up with physical therapy school, John transitioned from obstacle course racing to triathlon racing.

Following graduation, John worked in an outpatient clinical setting with obstacle course athletes, crossfit athletes, triathletes and runners to recover from injury and excel in their performance. He has worked with teenagers and adults to improve mechanics, efficiency and performance in their sport.

When not working, John is a triathlete himself. He enjoys staying local and traveling to compete in races throughout the year. He qualified for the world championships in the Ironman and Olympic distance triathlons. Aside from competing he enjoyed spending his time with his wife and puppy Ruckus. He is also a swim and triathlon coach, working with athletes aged 20-70 years old to achieve their goals in their sport!

Specialties include:

Functional Dry Needling Certified
 FMS Functional Movement Systems
SFMA Selective Functional Movement Assessment
 CMP Certified Mulligan Practitioner
FRCms Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist
2D and 3D Gait Analysis
Movement/Video Analysis with a focus on running biomechanics
Speed Mechanics/Functional strengthening
Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
Kinesio Taping