Abby Douek

Abby is originally from Rhode Island but came to love North Carolina after completing her undergraduate work at Wake Forest University. There she studied Exercise Science in order to explore the biomechanics of human performance. While at Wake Forest she began using motion analysis on research projects for publication.

She went on to obtain her masters degree in physical therapy, graduating with high honors, from University of Delaware in 2002. ​ Outside of the traditional curriculum, she was able to work in the gait lab continuing to use motion sensors and force plates. With the help of some of the brightest in the field, she learned to not only look at the feet hitting the ground but how all movement of the body will effect what happens at foot strike. ​
​Following graduate school, Abby worked in Baltimore studying under certified manual therapists and working with the Baltimore Ballet and Symphony which strengthened her awareness of postural strengthening for performance. She also worked in tandem with NY Guild certified Pilates instructors and still uses this knowledge in exercises with her patients.

For over 20 years, Abby has worked closely with athletes ranging from grade school to professional level, including the Olympic level. Her experiences and course work over the years have allowed her to develop a strong knowledge in manual therapy, exercises for injury prevention and recovery and perfecting form for recreational and competitive activities. Through extensive treatments and watching hundreds of runners and triathletes at various levels, she has become known for gait analysis and correction. She has come to realize that correction of form and muscle imbalances are crucial to not only recovering from injury but preventing them from happening again. ​ ​

​When not working, Abby is a runner herself. She competes in local races throughout the year and also chases around her two small children.

Professional Achievements

 Functional Dry Needling Certified
 Movement/Video Analysis with a focus on running biomechanics
 2D and 3D Gait Analysis
 Speed Mechanics/Functional strengthening
 Manual orthopedic techniques including Maitland and McKenzie
 Treatment of spine and pelvis
 Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
 Kinesio Taping
 ACL prevention certification
 Red Cord strengthening instructor

Research & Contributions:

Blogger for Fitbit
Expert contributor for writer for Runner's World
Effective of perturbation training on non-operative ACL tears
 Design of rehab protocol for lumbar disc replacement surgery

Abby actively works with athletes from the following:

Baltimore Symphony
Baltimore Ballet
Carolina Ballet
Carolina Symphony
NC State Track and Field
NC State Softball
UNC Chapel Hill Track and Field
US Olympic Runners
North Carolina High schools: track, tennis, baseball, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading
NCFC athletes

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