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It is the priority of Run Raleigh PT to provide a sanitized environment for the health of our patients and ourselves. We will remain open as long as we feel we can provide this environment for everyone. Being that our office is one on one at ALL times, we feel that our threat is very minimal. If you are ill, please do not come in. We also ask that each person on arrival takes advantage of the hand sanitizer provided or wash your hands in the restroom. We look forward to continuing to work with you!

Claire Little grew up in Atlanta and played sports her entire life, including tennis, softball, swimming, track, and basketball.  She has stayed active as an adult with softball, tennis, running and triathlons.  She has also completed 2 MS150 rides.  This background in sports has helped her with understanding the mechanics as well as the mindset of being active in athletics.

She came to North Carolina in 1992, and graduated Magna Cum Lauda from NC State University in 1996 with a BS in Zoology/PreMed.  Claire then graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Master's Degree in physical therapy from East Carolina University in 1999.  She has worked in outpatient orthopaedics and lived and Cary since graduation.

Claire has 2 children, so she also understands how to help patients juggle work, family, play and rehabilitation.  Home exercise programs are individualized to meet the needs of each patient's lifestyle, as well as their physical limitations and expectations.

Claire's primary goal of treatment is to guide her patients toward independence with self care and symptom management by teaching them the proper tools and exercises. One of her strengths is the ability to teach her patients WHY they are doing particular exercises, and HOW they got injured in the first place.  She also finds the primary source of the chain of dysfunction, to improve long term success.  Claire has worked with runners, triathletes, cyclists, and athletes of multiple other sports.  She also has a background with pre- and post-partum related low back pain patients, TMD (temporomandibular dysfunction), neck and shoulder pain, and amputees.

Specialties include:

 Dry Needling Certified
 Sports-related injuries
 Treatment of neck and pelvis

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