Sara Kıyanı

Sara graduated with an honors degree in Communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She then went on to receive her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Duke University. While at Duke she was didactically challenged under a world class faculty with an evidenced-based practice approach that maximized her ability to strategize the best possible approach for patient-centered care. Her own successful athletic background fueled her passion to help other athletes get back to the sport that they love pain free. She was an endurance athlete throughout grade school and high school competing in track and field and cross country running. At the University of Colorado Boulder, she was a competitive collegiate triathlete on their #1 nationally ranked triathlon team and competed in USA triathlon’s collegiate nationals.

Once in graduate school she realized her own pelvic floor dysfunction and how it impacted her athletic performance as a trail runner. Additionally, after witnessing her stepmom cope with her pelvic and musculoskeletal complications post-delivery, she became fascinated with understanding how pelvic floor physical therapy was a simple solution for not only moms but all women. So she pursued pelvic health certifications. Sara’s goal is to spread awareness and knowledge so all women can be empowered and confident to manage their pelvic floor symptoms and return to the activities they love to do.

Her treatment/training style is centered around a biopsychosocial approach where the focus is on the individual as a whole being, rather than a specific body part. She has been trained in deciphering and teasing out the nuances behind pain/injury in order to achieve successful patient outcomes. Sara understands the importance of listening and being her patient’s biggest advocate in overcoming their fears, worries and stressors. She feels strongly about incorporating not only advanced treatment techniques but also educating patients about recent evidence and research for reasons for their pain/injury.

When not treating, you can find Sara on the trails running or hiking with her dog Bear, practicing yoga or strength training in the gym. She loves to experience the outdoors as much as she can.

Specialties include:

 Herman and Wallace Pelvic Floor Certification
  Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training-CorePower Yoga
 Dry Needling
  2D/3D Running Gait Analysis Certified
. Vestibular Training; Treatment of Vertigo
 Manual Therapy Training
Redcord Certified