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Angela is a wellness coach, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor and loves sharing her joy for movement and wellness.  She's a Raleigh transplant via Oakland, California, and grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Angela is a graduate from American University and played Division I field hockey for 4 years.

As a fitness trainer, her training philosophy and approach emphasizes the mastery of fundamental movement patterns.  She helps her clients identify muscular imbalances, improve posture, develop mobility and sound mechanics, and ultimately build strength by using functional movement exercises.

As a wellness coach, she believes that behavior change is most influenced by improving upon an individual's current habits one small change at a time.  She has worked with clients between 25-70+ years in age and through habit design has helped them lose weight, improve nutrition, manage stress, and most importantly build the confidence to make positive lasting lifestyle changes.

Angela has served several corporate clients including Discovery Communications, California Department of Public Health, and University of California, Berkeley.  Locally, she is affiliated with Heat Studios and REX Wellness Center of Raleigh.

Angela is an advocate for adventure and when she's not in the gym you'll likely find her outside exploring North Carolina.  She loves mountain biking, hiking, and spending time on the trails with her dog.  She has completed several full and half marathons and a number of obstacle races.  She continues to experiment with a variety of activities ranging from Olympic weightlifting, boxing, SCUBA, and rock climbing.

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Specialties include:

 Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine
 Certified Group Fitness Instructor - American Council on Exercise
 Functional Aging Specialist - Functional Aging Institute
 Certified Corporate Fitness Specialist - National Corporate Institute
 Medical Fitness Network Member

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